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Replace your Leading Edge and strut yourself with our improved Orange system

The U-STICK bladder system is designed to replace any kitebladder ever produced. We give you the oppurtunity to select the valves you need and stick them wherever you want.

We always have the bladder that you are looking for and we can ship within a few days. Have a look in our shop to find out more about our products and check our manuals to see how to assemble your Orange bladder.

- No more waiting!
- Easy assembly!
- Top quality products!

ORANGE bladders are 35%-50% lighter than stock bladders. Reduce the weight of the average 14m, 7 strut bow kite, by almost an entire pound (454 grams).

ORANGE bladders are designed to be strong. We redesigned the very material that bladders are made from to make them resistant to damage from twists, improper installations, and unsupported bladder ends.

ORANGE bladders are stronger than any other bladder ever offered for kites. take a look at the youtube link on the left to see the strength of an Orange bladder even with the strut end opened. If you've ever had a blown bladder tip ruin a good session you'll love ORANGE.

We have been testing over and over again with our Orange kitebladders. Next to the fact that our bladders are light various riders mentioned a positive difference in their kite due too the extra stiffness of the Orange bladders.

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